Alton Chung

Mix together the magic and superstitions of the Hawaiian Islands with the history of Japan and Korea and you get finely spun stories from a man rooted in a very unique culture and a one of a kind perspective. All of this is combined and delivered with a deep sense of reverence and authenticity. Not only does he breathe life into traditional Asian folktales with sensitivity and deep connection, but he can also touch into the fire of ancient Hawaiian legends and tell them with passion and respect.

Stories allow us to safely explore those dark corners of ourselves where we are too afraid to look. By identifying ourselves with characters in a story and being there with them through their trials, make it possible for us to safely re-experience our own hurts and wounds and see them as they truly are. Stories provide us with the opportunity to re-evaluate assumptions we made about life. In this way, stories can help us begin to heal and become all of who we truly are.

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