Stephen Hollen

Stephen Hollen grew up in the hills of Eastern Kentucky where he honed his southern humor and learned the fine art of storytelling as he sat on the front porch and listened to folks tell tall tales, Jack tales and just plain gossip about the neighbors. Along the way he earned a Communications Degree in Oral Interpretation… he had to explain that his Daddy’s hard earned money taught him to “tell stories and talk in front of folks”. His Daddy really didn’t think folks had a need to go to college for that. Stephen is considered by many to be one of the premiere Southern Humorists… better make that Appalachian Humorist. His humorous and sometimes bittersweet stories of cousins, friends and characters are a familiar taste of Americana. He reminds all of us of those things that make us great. His stories hit home, hit a warm place in every heart.

He will make you want to ease on up to the porch, grab a chair and sit a spell as you listen. His deep and mellow voice will weave a spell as you find yourself leaning forward in your seat. He promises not to split any sides, but folks have been known to howl with laughter. Yes, some of his characters are about a half bubble off plumb, their elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor. You will think you recognize folks you know as he speaks. We all have characters in our lives, but as anyone from down home knows, as long as you say “God love them” or “Bless their heart”, you can say most anything you want about folks. Stephen has been recognized often for his work, being named to Who’s Who in America in 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2005. In 2007 he was named “Man of the Year” One of the achievements he is most proud of is receiving the 2005 Heritage Award at the Appalachian Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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