Andy Offutt Irwin

With a manic Silly Putty voice, astonishing mouth noises, and hilarious stories, Andy Offutt Irwin is equal parts mischievous school boy and the Marx Brothers, peppered with a touch of the Southern balladeer. Andy is one vibrantly odd bird, with feathers that tease, tickle and tug at the heart - And a whopper of a personality, which barely fits in most rooms. People are drawn to him like magnets to a refrigerator. And inside, it's all Mountain Dew and Jolt Cola.

A native of Covington, GA, Andy started out in comedy, but added music and storytelling because he had a lot more to say. He tours a lot, but when he's home he gets to be the Artist-In-Residence at Oxford College of Emory University where he directs plays from time to time. He spent five years writing, directing and performing with the comedy improv troupe, SAK Theatre at Walt Disney World. He is the host, storyteller, and audience trainer for the radio show, Evening Star, on Georgia Public Broadcasting. But he's had lots of more interesting life experience-type jobs including - but not limited to - actor; camp counselor; political satirist; youth director; janitor; deputy voter registrar; theatre orchestra conductor; garbage man; teacher; carpenter's flunky; and bullfrog tadpole catcher (Honest).

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