Paul Strickland

Most of Paul Strickland’s stories were told to him by his Ain’t True and his Uncle False, who live in Big-Fib Cul-de-sac, a small trailer park just off the coast of Factual in the mythical America south. Paul’s collections of hilarious and heart-felt tall-tale fantasies have won “Best of Fest” honors on six different occasions at Fringe Theatre Festivals in the U.S. and Canada. The Canadian Broadcasting Company… the NPR of up there... called Paul’s stories “a minor miracle.” Always trying to adapt and connect to whatever audience is in front of him, Paul has performed his stories at theaters, festivals, comedy clubs, middle schools, corporate events and even two prisons- where he was NOT an inmate at the time. Selections from his comedy performance “Levels of Difficulty” can be heard everyday on XM Sirius radio.

The Story of Will Perjure from Paul Strickland on Vimeo.

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